Defining Host Groups

If you need to specify explicit configurations for a group of machines, you can use a group definition. A group definition enables you to define a group of machines with a specific configuration that also inherits the global configuration. Consider Listing 20-1.


Defining a Host Group group {

option subnet-mask;

option domain-name-server,; option domain-name "";

host bible {

option host-name ""; hardware ethernet 00:03:FF:69:68:12;

fixed-address; }

host sospan {

option host-name ""; hardware ethernet 00:03:FF:69:68:13;

fixed-address; }

We now have two machines, bible and sospan, defined as static hosts in dhcpd.conf. For those machines we have defined only their host name (host-name) and their IP address (fixed-address). As we have defined a group that encompasses the host definitions, these hosts also inherit the subnet mask, DNS servers, and domain name settings.

j f - - r Make sure you do not forget the opening and closing curly brackets when you define ~ ■ a group.

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