DevdiskbyidscsiSATAHitachiHTS7 210MPC3B2Y3GJUM0Epart2 space reiserfs default 0

Here, the ID is unique to the particular physical hard disk.

The line you add to fstab is made up of the following fields:

■ Column 1: The partition you want to mount.

■ Column 2: The directory you want to mount the filesystem under.

■ Column 3: The filesystem type (the same that is passed to mount -t).

■ Column 4: A comma-delimited list of filesystem options (noatime, notail, and so on).

■ Column 5: Specified dump priority. The value 0 in this field means "do not back up this filesystem."

■ Column 6: The order in which the filesystem should be checked. If this is a journaling filesystem, this is not needed as a filesystem check is run when the filesystem is mounted by the filesystem driver. The value 0 in this field means "do not perform this check.''

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