Dual Booting

As mentioned during the installation process described in Chapter 1, it is quite common to have systems that can boot multiple operating systems. Such computer systems enable users to take advantage of the power and applications available in each operating system by selecting between available operating systems when you boot the system. These are typically referred to as dual-boot systems because most people install at most two operating systems on a single machine. However, because more than two operating systems can be installed on a single disk, the proper name is multiboot, which is the term used in this section. The number of operating systems that you can boot and run on a single computer is really limited only by the amount of disk space available on your computer system.

The most common type of multiboot system is a system that can boot both SUSE Linux and some version of Microsoft Windows. The following sections discuss how to install Windows and SUSE on the same computer system, and how to add SUSE to a system on which some version of Windows is already installed.

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