Figure 122

Selecting the media type

Media Type r lie Software i qsuvfnry tan locked on CO on a network simvci. » on the hard disk

Media Type

In add CD m DVD nave Tic prcdKt CD 5« or Ihe DVD ¡waGshle

TTic pcodLKl coi cum be coptea to ttie turd disk mart the pjilli wtxrie the first CDs located, tor eyampJe idatal/COl Only Tiit pain if teqtwed t all CDs aire copied MO on« directory



requires a working niwcfti (onneeticn spec.ry Ihe ar«tûiy me patfcajss Iromth« first CO are ttcated îuih a', /avm/coi

DuwhIubO Files

C ftcn mpqSflOry has QiKtlpirSP fit! WTllCft deitrllM! content or (he «possory Check the

. ow Local Drectofy Laçai 150 Image Q SfwuyüRi

* C^ftrtoad li-pg&naiy dKSci plmrt nil:'.

de-scripnon lilcs 10

download tlie rites whin ooHng ttiis vaâT module H Ihe -j|:ban is —

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