Figure 2817

Selecting the operating system for the virtual machine

Type of Operating System

Please specify the type M operating system lfial wll run

iMhin the virtual machine Thli define-* many iSt-faLil v and

helps decide now to stwr panMrtuaiced operanng system'.

* netware

Novell Ni tW« e G 5 5P£ and old«

Novell Open Enteiprtte Server 2 (NetWare)

6 OOlCt

f Postal

PidHar (other)

WedMSl Enterprise Lrtua 3

RedHM fnrerpnsi Linm d

RedHat Enterprise Linux $

» 5U5E

Novell Open Enterpme Server ? (Linux)

$y$E (other)

SUSE Lnn Enterprise Desktop 10

SUSE t.<niii Enterprise Server 8

E l«ui Enterprise Server 9

iir^fc Law* Enterprise Server 10

! openSUSF

* Solans

Solans 9 and alder

■soiam 1Q

* windows

Windows (ottiir)

windows forner. ¡£4>



Jf tanrei ^ gack | ! ifr Eerward |

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