Adding the runlevel to the GRUB boot loader

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In both cases, the 1 tells i nit to load up the system in runlevel 1. This, as you may remember, is the runlevel that signifies single-user mode with no network. This is the lowest usable runlevel and is needed only if there is a problem with the system.

If, on the other hand, you know your runlevel configuration is sound, but you want to manually stop a certain service from starting up, you can set PROMPT_FOR_CONFIRM = "yes" in /etc/sysconfig/boot.

As shown in Figure 4-6, you will be asked for the root password to log in to the system (this is why you should never forget you root password). Once logged in, you can then turn off processes as we talked about with the chkconfig script or fix any other problems that the system has. Once fixed, you can then reboot the system normally. Because specifying a runlevel to GRUB and LILO is a temporary change, you are able to let the system start up normally without having to interrupt the normal operation of LILO or GRUB.

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