Konqueror displaying the choice of man pages for crontab

Location £d* Go fiookmarw Imis Sefflngs ®ndo« tiap

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l ocation "■■ man/irantab

- .. -j.

There is more than one matching man page.

* -1 ■ .-11 HI e>m jriiTi idri 11'lrrnl .iti 1 i;±'

• . ii^r^harcCTjnimjnji'crofitab.S qj

♦ b.l ■' 1 Ulri.JriMTi.dri' p.'i;'■;;.! fjL t p qj

If you read a man page In your language, be aware it can contain some mistakes or be obsolete at the English version.

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Of course, you can also print man pages such as the one shown in Figure 5-3 from Konqueror if you want (although they won't actually look as good as if you printed them from the command line, as described earlier in this chapter).

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