Filesystem Comparisons

Choosing the type of filesystem that you want to use on your system can be tricky. Earlier sections of this chapter explored the capabilities of various Linux filesystems and suggested the types of tasks that each is best suited to.

Tests and benchmarks generally show that ReiserFS is very good at dealing with small file operations, whereas EXT2 is good at reading larger files. XFS copies large files sequentially very well and is generally recommended for very large filesystems.

Choosing among filesystems is a matter of judging how data is manipulated on your system and how you see that changing in the future.

If you are seriously concerned about filesystem performance, there are a number of tools that you can use to perform benchmark tests, in particular those contained in the packages bonnie and bonnie++ that are available in SLES and openSUSE.

For general information about the capabilities and design of each of the types of filesystems, see the section that introduces that filesystem earlier in this chapter.

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