Finding Files by Content Beagle

Recent versions of openSUSE and SLED 10 contain the Beagle desktop search tool. This runs in the background at all times and indexes the files on your system by text content. It can read a very wide variety of file types and maintains its index under your home directory in a hidden directory ~ / .beagle. Beagle also indexes web pages that you have visited and e-mail by default. The index directory can get quite large. On my desktop machine, I see that it is currently about 2GB in size and contains more than a quarter of a million files.

Both the GNOME and KDE desktops provide access to Beagle search through the start menu. There is a search box integrated there, and searching for a word or phrase brings up a listing of all files containing that search term. KDE includes the Kerry front end to Beagle (see Figure 13-4).

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