Finding Software

Some key web sites that should be among your first places to look if you are looking for open source software are: This is a search engine for packages built for openSUSE, developed by Benji Weber. He also offers a webpin package that allows you to do command line searches. The FreshMeat web site and associated mailing list provide information about recently updated software packages and projects.

■ great German site that is nicely organized into logical groups of packages (development, finance, games, and so on). This site (and its many mirrors) has become the location of choice for additional packages built for open- A great site for locating and downloading packages in RPM format for almost any Linux package. SourceForge is the home for thousands of Linux software projects, providing a collaborative environment and disk space to the open source community. One-click installations (for openSUSE 10.3 and above) for various software items including multimedia codecs and proprietary graphics drivers are available here.

■ http : //en . opensuse . org/Addi ti onal _YaST_Package_Repositories: A long list of useful software repositories can be found here. The openSUSE Build Service repositories contain a very large number of packages that have been built for openSUSE and can be browsed here.

IBM provides some extremely useful Linux materials, including tutorials and in-depth technical articles, so-called IBM Redbooks, training materials for the Linux Professional Institute exams, and much more.

Good starting points in looking for this information are:


■ http://publib-b.boulder.i''nuxRedbooks


The first place to look is actually on your SUSE disk set. The software you are looking for may well have been there all along!

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