Fredbible ssh guestfaraway

You will be prompted for the password, and you will be logged in.

If you use ssh with the option -X , you will be able to run graphical programs on faraway and see the display on bible.

If you need to connect to your Linux machine from Windows, you can still use ssh provided you have installed an ssh client for Windows: the best known of these is putty. You will find a version of putty in the dosutils directory on the SUSE DVD that is included with this book. The latest version of putty is always available online from ~sgtatham/putty/.

Similarly, the traditional way to move files from one system to another was FTP. Again, SUSE systems do not have FTP enabled by default because of security concerns; you should use either scp or sftp:

■ scp is most convenient when you are copying files from the local machine to the remote one. For example:

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