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SUSE's YaST tool vastly simplifies the configuration and administration of sendmail compared with the tasks required on other Linux and Unix systems. As mentioned in the beginning of this section, the primary reason that people choose a Mail Transfer Agent other than sendmail is the complexity of its configuration files, which are totally hidden by YaST's graphical interface.

r ! i j The file /etc/mail/README contains some useful information about running i-.-.,".\s .'..w-j sendmail on a SUSE system.

If you decide to use sendmail, you may eventually want to delve more deeply into manual aspects of its configuration. A number of excellent books dedicated to sendmail are currently available, as are a number of online resources. The best online resource for information about sendmail is the home page for the Sendmail Consortium, which maintains and develops the Open Source version of sendmail. Go to for a good deal of information local to their site, as well as pointers to many of the best sites on the Internet for sendmail information.

- - p The alternative exim mail server (written by Philip Hazel of Cambridge Uni-~ ■ versity in England) is now also available packaged for openSUSE as part of the distribution. Packages built for SLES (but not supported by Novell) are also available from

http://downl oad.opens

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