Getting Out of Trouble with GRUB

If you make manual changes to /boot/, sooner or later, you may find that the system will not boot the entry that you choose because you have made an error. If you were sensible, you kept the fail-safe entry which was created at install time. With luck, that one will work for you. But maybe you changed the partition layout — now that one won't work either. So what can you do?

If you are seeing a GRUB menu on the screen when the computer starts, you are in luck. If you press Esc (see Figure 4-3), the GRUB menu with the green background will disappear and you will see a "raw" grub menu (see Figure 4-4). Choose the item you want here and press e. This lets you edit the menu line. So if, for instance, the line referred to kernel root = /dev/sda2 when it should have said kernel root = /dev/sda3, you can edit that line. When it appears correct, press b to boot the system.

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