Gnumeric is a standalone spreadsheet program. As with other open source "office" applications, it shows signs of being "squeezed out'' by the popularity of However, Gnumeric still compares quite well in terms of features with the spreadsheet and with Microsoft Excel. It also offers some scientific calculation functions, such as its Solver for linear equations and its Simulation and Statistical Analysis capabilities, that are not currently available in other spreadsheet applications.

| r - - r Of course, there is nothing to stop you from running applications designed for one of the major desktops within the other or in another window manager environment. The design of the menus tends to push you toward one set of programs rather than the other. In addition, if you are going to run Konqueror, for example, within a GNOME environment, it will start a fairly large proportion of the KDE infrastructure in the background simply to support it. Integration between the two environments is good, however, and each finds and displays programs from the other in its menu structure.

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