In the example here YaST has created the file etcnamedconf the file etcnamedd forwardersconf and everything under varlibnamed in particular the files varlibnamedmastertestdomaincom and varlibnamedmaster1168192 inaddrarpa

The YaST DNS Server module is an example of how YaST has evolved to be capable of creating and maintaining relatively complex configurations.

Regardless of whether you have a large corporate network or a small home network with an asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), you will probably want to use a DNS server. In the case of a home network with multiple machines, you can make your life a lot easier by configuring a forwarding/caching server to speed up your general Internet use, as well as referring to your home networked machines by name (you do have a large network at home like ours, don't you?).

As for the corporate network, you have to implement an internal DNS infrastructure to maintain the accessibility of your servers, and perhaps your dynamically addressed client machines. If you have a large number of Internet-connected client machines, using a caching server can alleviate the amount of time and root server queries that your organization generates. If you have 1,000 client machines surfing the Internet all day, you can significantly decrease the amount of time your users have to wait for repeated name lookups.

DNS is a very important part of the Internet, and you will find it is important in your network, no matter the size.



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