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info pages are another form of online documentation that work in a similar way to man pages, but that include a type of hyperlinking even in text mode on the console. These are particularly associated with the GNU utilities. For example, the command [email protected]:~> info Is


Konqueror displaying man 1 crontab


Konqueror displaying man 1 crontab

displays the info page for the Is command in an emacs-like viewer. If you move the cursor so that it is positioned over an asterisk, and then press Enter, you will follow that link to a linked page. The info command also provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to move around in the hierarchy of pages. Some of the most commonly used shortcuts are as follows:

■ Tab: Skip to the next hyperlink in the current info page

■ p: Move to the previous node in an info page

■ q: Quit info and return to the command prompt

■ ?: Split the current window and display help containing a list of available info commands in the bottom half. To exit from this help window, press Ctrl + X + 0.

The command [email protected]:~> info gives you a menu that lets you reach all the info pages on the system.

As with man pages, you may find it convenient to use Konqueror as a viewer if you are working graphically. If you just type info:/ into the location bar in Konqueror, you will get a menu of all available info pages. For example, if you type info:/du you will see the info pages for the du command (see Figure 5-4).


Konqueror displaying the info page for du

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COREUTILS: du invocation

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