Installation Settings

Now that most of the installation decisions have been made, YaST gives you a proposal ("Installation Settings'') of what it is going to do (see Figure 1-16). If you are installing on a new system with no other operating system and you are happy to accept all the defaults, you can check the installation profile and click Install.


Installation overview open5U5E 11.0

j System Analysis 1/ Tim« Zone y Di'-jklufi ÇtiIruMnn

«/ Disk ffcnk any tuiiufluw to mufcn change1. at uw' llu- "Chnrnji1.. " mofHj b

* Create swap partition /dev/sdal (1.0 OQ)

* Croate mot partit Jon/dOwfttfci? (ft 0 Gfl) wilh eut3

* create partition /dev/sdaJ (1011,» MB) for/home with ext3

- boot Loader type-, üHL'H » location.- /dev/sdai {"/boot"}

+ openSUSC ll.o (default] 4 Firir.olc upcnWfSF 11.0

* Added Kernel Parameters; splash-sitent

+ Base system 1 Frhâtticnd Rur.n SyaliMti + Novell ■rtppArTnor + "öiST System Administration + VaSl Installation Packages + Software Management 1 KDE3 Doüktop Environment + KDC 3 Oase System + Multimedia + Qfftce software * Di'nklap FHetl s. + x window System + Fonts

Abort Dark fnstaFI

If you want to tweak the installation system, change the partition layout, or install other packages, continue reading.

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