Installation Sources

In SUSE Linux, we refer to installation sources or "software repositories" (places where YaST or another installation tool looks for packages and for dependencies of packages).

As noted earlier, if you are installing official SUSE or openSUSE packages using YaST, YaST will find and satisfy all dependencies of a package when you select it for installation. (In rare cases, you will be informed of a dependency conflict and offered a choice of solutions.)

YaST does this because it has knowledge of the contents of the installation sources that were set up at install time. These normally consist of the media from which you originally installed the system (whether on physical media or across the network) and the update source that was set up during the installation.

You can add further installation sources after installation. These installation sources can be physical media or can be directories provided across the network by the same protocols that can be used for the original installation (FTP, HTTP, NFS, and so forth). Provided the installation sources are relatively "sane," and contain RPM packages, usually together with consistent meta-data describing the packages, YaST or the other installation tools will be happy to use them as places to find packages and to satisfy dependencies between packages.

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