Kernel hd00


Preparing to edit raw GRUB boot entries

GNU GRUD version 0.97 iGOOK lower / 10474QOK upper memory)

GNU GRUD version 0.97 iGOOK lower / 10474QOK upper memory)

Use the t and I keys to select which entry is highlighted. Prrss r.nLrr Lti hiitiL Lhr xrln:Lrrd (13, 'rt' I.ii rcl i I. Lhr? commands before booting* or 'c' for a command line.

When you press the Tab key, you will see the names of the files and directories that exist in the first partition on the first disk. So with GRUB, provided you have a bootable kernel and ini-trd pair on the hard disk, you need never be locked out of the system.

j f - - p Different SUSE versions actually differ in how the booting works in detail. Older ver-

..-r .-.5 . sions wrote the GRUB code to the Master Boot Record (MBR) of the disk. Newer versions write ''generic boot code'' to the MBR and write the GRUB code to the boot record of the partition that /boot is on. This partition is made active and the generic boot code transfers control to the GRUB code there, which finally boots the system.

You can reinstall GRUB to the hard disk in a running system with a command like the follow-

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