Listing Net Ware Servers on Your Network

Known NetWare File Servers Network Node Address

BIBLE C0A80001 000000000001

As you can see, in this example, we just so happen to have a NetWare server on our network called BIBLE.

For this example, we have created a directory under /media called Netware on which to mount our server. To actually mount the server, you use the command ncpmount. It is very similar to the mount command you have already come across in the book, but because you need to tell the server the username you are authenticating as, you have a few extra things to bear in mind.

The ncpmount command takes the server name, the username, and the mount point under which you want to mount the server. In this case, you will log in to the server BIBLE as the user (-U) justin, mounting under /media/Netware.

bible:/ # ncpmount BIBLE -U justin /media/Netware/

Logging into BIBLE as JUSTIN


When mounted, you can use the NetWare file server as any other mounted filesystem.

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