Mc as a File Manager

mc offers you file manager capabilities in a non-graphical environment. By default, it opens with two panes, each open on the current directory. Navigation is accomplished through the following use of arrow and function keys:

■ F9 opens the menus and you can then navigate them with the arrow keys.

■ F5 copies the selected file.

■ Tab switches between the two panes.

Among the menu items are chmod and chown capabilities (allowing you to change file permissions and ownerships, respectively), and mc enables you to enter RPM files and extract files from them transparently. Of course, the fact that mc is a text-based application means that you can run it in a text console when the graphics are not running. The KDE konsole terminal emulator has a menu item (under Session) that starts an mc session or a root mc session at the current directory in a new tab.

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