Mount devhda3 mint

3. When mounted, you need to edit the file /mnt/etc/shadow to reset the root password. You can edit this file using any text editor, although vi is the only screen-oriented text editor that is provided in the SUSE Rescue System. Remember that you mounted your system's root partition under /mint; which is why the location of the /etc/shadow file has changed.

The shadow file is a system file that contains encrypted passwords of the users on the system. The file can be read and written to only by the root superuser.

4. When loaded, you need to find the entry for the root user. Find the encrypted password, which is the second field (fields in the file are separated by a colon). When found, delete the password so that there are just two colons next to each other (::), and save the file.

5. After the file has been edited, change the directory to / (root) and unmount the filesystem by issuing the following:

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