Mount t ext2 o sb8193 devhda5 mint

In this command, the -o introduces options to the mount command: it can be placed before or after the device and mount point. So this command line mounts the device /dev/hda5 on the mount point /mint using the filesystem type (-t) EXT2 and with the additional option (-o) that the superblock to use is at the address 8193 (sb = 8193).

EXT3-Specific Mount Options

Although the EXT2 and EXT3 filesystems share the same general organization, the EXT3 filesystem supports various attributes that are specific to its support for journaling. These attributes are stored in the superblock of an EXT3 filesystem.

The most interesting of these attributes are those that control the journaling mode used by a mounted EXT3 filesystem. The three journaling modes supported by the EXT3 filesystem were discussed earlier in this chapter in the section "EXT3." Each EXT3 filesystem is assigned a default journaling mode when that filesystem is created; by default, all EXT3 filesystems are created with a default journaling mode of ordered, which means that only filesystem metadata changes are logged to the journal, but all pending changes to filesystem data itself are written to disk before filesystem metadata changes are committed.

You can use the mount command's data = mode option to override the default journaling mode assigned to an EXT3 filesystem when it is mounted. Possible values for mode are the three journaling modes journal, ordered, and writeback. As an example, the following mount

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