Nautilus as a File Manager

There is not a great deal of difference in choosing in terms of functionality between using Konqueror as a file manager and Nautilus. Again, it is capable of offering previews of many types of files. To move a file from one directory to another, you will need one window open on each directory; a simple drag will move, while dragging with the Control key held down will do a copy.

A nice feature of Nautilus is its CD creator functionality. You can get to this functionality through the Go menu or by entering burn:/// in the location bar. When you have dropped a collection of files into this window, you can burn them to a CD simply by pressing the Write to Disc button.

Nautilus will also transparently open zip and tar archives and can access network shares including FTP, NFS, and Windows shares. Another nice feature is that fonts:/// shows all the fonts on the system.

— Nautilus is introduced in the GNOME section of Chapter 8.

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