If you do not use one of the popular wireless cards supported out of the box in SUSE, you can potentially use ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper is a great system that will enable you to wrap a Linux kernel driver around a Windows network card driver to be able to provide you with support for pretty much any network card out there.

j f - - p Before you start with the configuration of your networking with ndiswrapper, you

~ ■ must make sure you download the correct Windows drivers. If you are using a 64-bit laptop (for example, an AMD 64), you must download the 64-bit version of the driver. Similarly for a 32-bit laptop, you must use the 32-bit Windows drivers.

To get ndiswrapper working, do the following:

1. Install the ndiswrapper package using YaST. For more information about how to install new applications under SUSE, refer to Chapter 1.

2. In the YaST package search screen, search for ndiswrapper and select it for installation.

3. After ndiswrapper has been installed, you will need to download or copy the Windows driver package to your SUSE installation. (We use the A-Link WL54H chipset as an example.)

4. When downloaded, unarchive the package (Windows drivers usually come as a zip file, so in this case, use the unzip command — see Listing 15-17).

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