openSUSE includes a system tray applet called opensuse-updater. There are versions of this for both KDE and GNOME. An icon is displayed that indicates whether an update is required. It does this by checking the state of the system against a remote server. If "Automatically start updater on login" is selected in the main screen (see Figure 9-28), then it regularly checks whether any updates to the currently installed set of software are available. The system tray icon changes its appearance as follows:

■ Green Geeko Head: No patches or new versions available.

■ Blinking Green Geeko Head (KDE)/Gray Geeko (GNOME): openSUSE Updater is busy (for example checking for updates, installing software).

■ Red Triangle with Exclamation Mark: Security patches available.

■ Orange Star with Arrow: Recommended/Optional patches and/or new versions are available.

■ Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Mark: An error occurred.


The opensuse-updater configuration screen

* Configure - openSUSE Updater

24 Hours

Chock fûr updates every Show recurring notification when updates are available every: ¡60 Minutes C x Automata®/ start updater on login

LJ Show available upgrades when backerid provides them (for experts only)

* Show notifications Backend:

ZYpp Backend

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