Other Tools

There are some additional tools (not part of the CUPS package) that are useful for printing.


The KDE interface includes the kprinter tool, which handles printing from all KDE applications. You can set other programs to print via kprinter, too. It has the ability to manage (among other things) a number of different paper sizes and printing multiple pages to a single physical page. xpp xpp is the X Printing Panel, a graphical application similar in conception to kprinter, but independent of KDE. You can use it to browse for files to print, choose print queues to send them to, and choose various options regarding the appearance of the output, the number of copies, and so on.


The gtklp package provides the gtklp graphical printing tool. This tool is similar in functionality to xpp but has a cleaner interface. It allows, among other things, scaling and color adjustment when printing image files.

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