Printing from Linux to Other Types of Remote Printers

When you add a printer using YaST, a bewildering variety of alternatives are presented. In most cases, if you need the particular protocol or connection type, you will know about it in advance. The most common cases that you are likely to need to set up are printing to a Windows or Samba shared printer and printing directly to a network printer. In YaST these correspond to the Print via SMB Network Server and Print Directly to a Network Printer options.

Printing to an SMB Network Server

This could be a Windows machine that is sharing its printer or a Samba server. From the client's point of view they look just the same.

One thing to note here is that YaST wants to be able to find the server on the network by DNS; it won't automatically use Windows network names. So it is possible in some circumstances that you might need to add an entry to /etc/hosts for the SMB print server before YaST will be able to find it. Otherwise, this will just work.

Printing Directly to a Network Printer

Printers that are directly attached to the network will usually be doing direct TCP port printing and will be listening on port 9100 (the first of the options that YaST's dialog box offers). Setting this up is simple provided you know which printer you want to print to. YaST will scan the network and display a list of available printers for you to choose from in any case.

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