Rootclient mount bibleshare mint o udp

Other options to the mount command are rsize and wsize, which set block sizes in bytes for reads and writes, respectively. Performance can be expected to improve if these are set to 8,192 rather than the default of 1,024. The mount command looks like this:

[email protected]: ~ # mount bible:/share /mnt -o rsize=8192 wsize=8192

Under some circumstances, better performance may be achieved with different values, but if these parameters are too far removed from their defaults, problems occur.

| r - - r Increasing these values is recommended because newer Linux kernels perform

- - ~ ■ read-ahead for values of rsize greater than the machine page size, which on the x86 architecture is 4,096. So a value of rsize greater than 8,192 will improve NFS read performance. The value needs to be a multiple of 1,024, and should not be greater than 16,384.

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