We have talked throughout this chapter about routing tables and how to add to them. Another type of routing is called dynamic routing. Manually adding routes to your servers if you have many routers across your organization can be quite cumbersome and a laborious task. Dynamic routing presents its routing table across the network to any routers that understand the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). Routing tables are routinely interchanged using RIP, keeping routing tables on all RIP-aware routers updated about routes around your network.

SUSE includes the simple routed service that reads your routing table, routinely presents it to the network, and accepts routing information over RIP from other routers. This will drastically reduce your routing maintenance times as all network and host routes are updated automatically for you.

To use RIP, you must install the routed package using YaST and start the service with rerouted start.

Once started, routed sends out routing table updates and also makes changes to your routing table when it receives updates from the network.

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