Rug Options

The following are the most important rug options:

■ rug ping: Check that zmd is alive and rug can talk to it.

■ rug up: Upgrades packages.

A zmd "service" may contain one or more catalogs (repositories). So to add a repository with rug, we first need to add the service where it lives, and then subscribe to the appropriate catalog.

To add the heartbeat repository on the Build Service on a SLES 10 system running zmd, we would do the following:

# rug sa /SLES_10/ LMB-ha

This adds the service in the URL and we give it a name (in this case, I chose LMB-ha). Listing the services will show that it has been added: [email protected] bible: /root # rug sl

1 | Active | ZYPP | SUSE Linux Ent Server 10 SP1 | hd:///?device=/dev/ ...

2 | Active | YUM | LMB-ha | http://download.ope ...

However, we now need to check whether we are subscribed to the right catalog: [email protected]:/root # rug ca


Yes | SUSE Linux Ent Server 10 SP1 | SUSE Linux Ent Server 10 SP1 | LMB-ha | LMB-ha

We're not subscribed to the new catalog, so we use the following:

[email protected]:/root # rug sub LMB-ha Subscribed to 'LMB-ha' [email protected]:/root # rug ca


Yes | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 | SUSE Linux Ent Server 10 SP1 Yes | LMB-ha | LMB-ha

Now we can install packages from the new repository:

[email protected]:/root # rug in heartbeat

The dependencies will be handled automatically.

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