Scp myfile rootfarawaytmp

■ sftp enables you to list files and navigate directories on the remote machine just like FTP. You can then use the get and put commands within sftp to transfer the files.

The Konqueror browser has a very nice feature called fish, which allows you to browse files on a remote machine using ssh, effectively combining the functionality of the ssh tools into a graphical remote access client. In the Konqueror location bar, type fish://faraway. Konqueror will then try to log you in under your current username to the machine faraway and display your home directory there. You can then drag files across to another Konqueror window or to the desktop. If you need to use a different username on the remote machine, you can type, for example, fish://[email protected] into the location bar.

If you are regularly logging into one or more machines by ssh, you may want to consider creating an ssh key and copying it to the remote machine to allow a secure login without a password:

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