Setting ACLs on a Shared Mailbox

localhost> sam share aimee lrwsip localhost> sam share roger lrwsip localhost> sam share justin lrwsip localhost> lam share roger lrswip justin lrswip anyone lrs aimee lrswip

Here, we have allowed the users justin, roger, and aimee to list the folder, read the contents of the folder, set the seen flag on a message, store a message in the folder, and also send a message directly to the folder. We have not allowed them to delete any messages in the folder, so all is as we originally wanted.

When set, the ACLs come into effect immediately. Copying mails to the shared folder will work, but deleting them will not. This enables you as the administrator to set up a non-volatile, non-destructive mail store for a group of users with fine-grained access controls.

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