Setting an Alias for Roots Mail in Cyrus

One thing that you need to consider when using Cyrus in this type of environment is that any mail to a user that is not in the Cyrus database will be rejected by Cyrus. This is especially true for the root user. It is not a good idea to store the root user mail in Cyrus, so most people configure an alias for root's mail to be delivered to a non-administrative user. Here we configure root's mail to be delivered to the user justin:

1. Open the file /etc/aliases and add an entry for the root user:

root: justin

This tells Postfix that any mail for root should actually be delivered to the user justin.

2. When /etc/aliases is edited, run the postalias command:

bible:~ # postalias /etc/aliases

3. You then need to reload Postfix's databases to commit the new alias.

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