Setting Up a DHCP Server Using YaST

YaST's DHCP server module can be found in the Network Services section of the YaST menus or can be called from the command line by typing yast2 dhcp-server.

The main configuration file for DHCP is /etc/dhcpd.conf. YaST's DHCP server module creates this file for the first time from the inputs you enter. If the file does not already exist, the

YaST DHCP module runs as a wizard, taking you through a series of steps in which you provide the information needed to create a valid configuration file for the DHCP server.

Once you have run the wizard and created the file, you can run the module again and make changes to advanced settings, or simply edit the configuration file directly and then restart the DHCP server. We look at manual configuration and the structure of the dhcpd.conf file later in the chapter.

- r ■ rj Before you install and configure a DHCP server, you must have already configured at t-c ^ ^j least one network interface on your system. Your DHCP server should have a fixed IP address, at least for the interface on which it is offering the service, which simplifies identifying it and performing subsequent administrative tasks.

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