Setting Up a NIS Server Manually

YaST's NIS server module makes it convenient and easy to set up a NIS server. However, it is always instructive to look at the changes that YaST has made in the last section and discover how to interact with the NIS server manually through the command line and configuration files.


Specifying IP addresses that can use this NIS server

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NIS Server Query Hosts Setup

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The data that NIS actually exports is under /var/yp/. Databases for the NIS maps will be exported under /var/yp/<domain name>/.

There is a Makefile at /var/yp/Makefile. Typing make all in the directory /var/yp rebuilds the NIS maps. This Makefile has been rewritten by YaST on the basis of the NIS maps that we chose to export. If you look at the line in /var/yp/Makefile defining the action taken when you type make all, it contains exactly those maps:

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