Specifying Leases

A DHCP client keeps its information for a finite amount of time. You can specify the amount of time (in seconds) a client keeps the DHCP information using the default-lease-time. If the client does not specify a lease expiry time, the server's preference is used. If a client does specify a lease time, the server can enforce a maximum time, max-lease-time, overriding the client's preference.

Specifying both options puts a limit on the upper and lower lease time allowed for clients to hold the DHCP configuration. (Again, you add both options to /etc/dhcpd.conf.)

This example specifies a lower limit of 12 hours, and an upper limit of 24 hours, until a lease is renewed on the client.

default-lease-time 43200 # 12 hours max-lease-time 86400 # 24 hours

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