Section Number man Pages Sections

Type of man Pages

0p Documentation on header files for programmers


User commands


Developer's pages for the user commands


System calls


Subroutines and library functions


Documentation on Perl modules


Devices, special files, device drivers, and associated file formats


File formats


Section Number


Section Number

Type of man Pages



System administration commands


In certain cases, man pages may have the same name but different content in different sections. Thus, for example, you will see the man page for the crontab program with the following:

[email protected]:~> man 1 crontab

However, you will see the man page describing the structure of a crontab file with the following:

[email protected]:~> man 5 crontab

When searching for man pages on a particular command-line program, you may therefore want to consider the type of information that you are looking for and provide a specific man page section to zero in on the information. As mentioned in the previous section, you can use the man -k command to list all relevant man pages for a given topic, as in the following example of the output from the man -k crontab command:

Config::Crontab (3pm) - Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files crontab (1) - maintain crontab files for individual users (V3)

crontab (1p) - schedule periodic background work crontab (5) - tables for driving cron

In the preceding output, the first and third items are of interest only to programmers, but the section 1 and 5 pages are those referred to previously.

Working with Man Pages Graphically

If you are working graphically, you may prefer to use Konqueror as your viewer for man pages. If you type the location man:/ into Konqueror's location bar, Konqueror displays a top-level index of manual pages on the system, showing clearly the hierarchy (see Figure 5-1).

If you use Konqueror as your man page viewer, you can browse all the pages in a particular section simply by clicking the link, or you can find a page or pages by typing, for example, man:/crontab in the location bar (see Figure 5-2).

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