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This enables you to create a user on the server with the stated UID and GID and suitably arrange that user's permissions on the share.

Creating the exports File with YaST

The YaST NFS server module (yast2 nfs_server) can write the /etc/exports file for you. As with the NFS client module, there is probably no great advantage for most people in being able to configure this with a graphical tool, as it simply asks for the information that will be written in the configuration file. Some people may prefer this method simply because it makes it slightly less likely that a single typo will mess up your configuration. Figure 22-2 shows an example of the NFS server module in action.

When you start the module, it first asks whether or not the NFS server should be started and then provides an interface that enables you to add a directory (to be exported) and specify the hosts and the options for that share. These are precisely the options discussed previously, and you have to type them in by hand.

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