The Future of SLED and the Linux Desktop

Novell has been working very hard with the open source community on usability issues in the area of desktop software. The Novell team has contributed a great deal to the development of the office suite and its integration into the wider desktop environment. Novell is also very interested in upgrading existing customers with NetWare on the server and Windows on the desktop to OES (Open Enterprise Server) on the server and SLED on the desktop. As a result SLED can be said to be an important part of Novell's long-term strategy for the future of its Linux offerings.

Despite the difficulties and challenges noted previously for the move to Linux desktops in the enterprise, it seems that this move is inevitable in the long run. There are many indications that the ice is beginning to break: the unpopularity of Microsoft's Vista; the move towards pre-installed Linux on desktop machines by Dell, Lenovo, and others; the emergence of Ultra Portable PCs with solid state hard disks and Linux operating systems; and the falling price of hardware relative to the cost of a Windows license. All of these factors are indications that the current state of affairs will change.

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