The KDE Help Center

In the default SUSE KDE desktop, there is a menu item and a panel icon (which looks like a life preserver) labeled "KDE Help Center.'' This calls the program khelpcenter. The Help Center displays the release notes for the current version and the official SUSE manuals in HTML format. It also replicates the tree of applications included in the cascading menus on the KDE start button and displays help information about a wide range of KDE applications. It also offers the man and info page display discussed previously in the chapter and a variety of other documentation. Essentially this is a useful way to bring together many of the various sources of information installed on the system and to view the documentation in one place. The Help Center is searchable; the first time you attempt a search it will build an index under /var/cache/susehelp/. Figure 5-5 shows what the Help Center looks like.

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