The Mail Exchanger

If you want to receive e-mail for your domain, you must specify an MX record for it. The MX record is used to define the host that receives e-mail for this domain. When an SMTP server needs to find the host that handles e-mail for a domain, it will query the MX record for the machine to connect to.

You can see a number in the second field of this record, and this is very important. The number is a preference order for the MX host specified. The lower the number, the higher the preference. So in this case, all SMTP transactions for this domain will attempt to connect to, and if that fails they will try the machine (the backup MX server).

| r - - r The host machine for the domain is called according to its IP ' - ~ ■"■> ■ entry in DNS, but we have an alias configured, calling the machine zen. When defin ing an MX record, you must not use a CNAME record; it must be an Address record.

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