The Novell Customer Center

As with most companies today, Novell provides a central site for people searching for customer support, answers to questions, software updates and patches, and so on. To reach the Customer Center, go to and select the link "Customer Center,'' as shown in Figure 5-7. You will be required to log in with a Novell login. SLES and SLED customers will have a Novell login that takes them to a page where they can check their registration status, manage their subscriptions, raise support calls, and more.

From the Customer Center, you can do any or all of the following:

■ Search the SUSE knowledge base of common questions, hot tips, and information gleaned from previous customer support questions.

■ Submit your own customer support questions, provided that you have registered a SUSE product and are still within the free support window provided by that product, or if you have paid for customer support.

■ Browse a list of supported hardware, which is software that is known to work with SUSE Linux.

■ Access the SUSE FTP servers and their mirrors to retrieve product updates and upgrades.

■ Find shortcuts to SUSE web servers and general-purpose SUSE sites.


Mozilla displaying the Novell Customer Center page


Mozilla displaying the Novell Customer Center page

The Customer Center is a great resource and together with the openSUSE sites is a very good place to start looking for information when trying to resolve a problem or find answers to general questions about Linux.

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