The Samba Packages

At the time of this writing, the current stable version of Samba is the 3.0.x series, and packages from this series are included in SLES 10 and in openSUSE.

The package required to run a Samba server is simply called samba. There is also a package samba-client, and two YaST modules that are included in the packages: yast2-samba-server and yast2-samba-client. In addition, the cifs-mount and pam_cifs packages allow users to automatically mount CIFS shares at logon. The samba-winbind package allows Windows and Samba servers to share user authentication information. The samba-vscan package allows for virus scanning of files on a Samba server that will be shared to Windows clients. The samba-doc package contains a great deal of documentation including three books in PDF format: Samba3 By Example, Samba3 Developers Guide, and the Samba3 HOWTO.

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