The SUSE Books Package

The SUSE Book Package includes works such as the following, which are mostly current or "classic" (in some cases quite old, but still valuable) books from the Linux Documentation Project:

■ Linux Installation and Getting Started by Matt Welsh

■ Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals by Tigran Aivazian

■ Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide by Ori Pomerantz

■ Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition by Olaf Kirch and Terry Dawson

■ Linux Programmers' Guide by Sven Goldt and Sven van der Meer

■ Linux System Administrators' Guide by Lars Wirzenius, Joanna Oja, Stephen Stafford, and Alex Weeks

■ Linux Users' Guide by Larry Greenfield

The books package (whose full name is books-2006.1.25-70.noarch.rpm at the time of this writing) is available on the DVD if you purchased a boxed copy of the SUSE distribution but can also be downloaded from any SUSE FTP site, such as those that you can access through the SUSE portal discussed later in this chapter. After retrieving this package, you can install it using a command similar to the following:

rpm -Uvvh books-2004.4.16-3.noarch.rpm

The rpm switches used in this example simply update any previously installed version of this package (U) and provide very verbose (vv) feedback that includes a histogram composed of hash marks (h) as each file in the package is installed.

Once installed, these documents (and more) are available as PostScript or PDF files under /usr/share/doc/Books/.

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