Unsupported Printers

Unfortunately, some printers just won't work on Linux. There is a class of printers known as GDI printers, which tend to be cheap and frankly rather nasty printers; they are designed to interact directly with the Windows graphics device interface, and they do not have an independent open printer control language. These printers are either unsupported or poorly supported in Linux. (This is, in a way, the printing equivalent of the Winmodem problem.) The best place to get good information about whether particular printers will work is in the OpenPrinting pages on the Linux Foundation site referred to previously, where there is a database of printers currently supported by CUPS, as well as good general information and a buyer's guide that has good advice about which printers to avoid. There is a good discussion of GDI printers at www.1 i nuxpri nti ng.org/show_pri nter.cgi?recnum=Generic-GDI_Pri nter.

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