Using SuSEfirewall2

SUSE includes its own sysconfig-based firewall script called SuSEfirewall2. The SuSEfirewall script has come a long way since its conception many years ago and provides a robust feature set that can be configured through YaST.

For new users who need to set up a quick firewall, this is the perfect option. We would have suggested in years gone by that you write your own firewall script, but if you do not feel the need to control your rules explicitly, SuSEfirewall produces a robust secure firewall for most environments.

To configure a small firewall for use at home using the YaST management system, follow these steps:

1. In YaST, select Security and Users O Firewall (see Figure 24-3). When the module is loaded, you can continue with the firewall configuration.


Loading the Firewall YaST module

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I Security and Users

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I Configure local security settings

2. Once the firewall configuration has been loaded, you will be asked how you want the SuSEfirewall to start on your system (see Figure 24-4). If this system needs to be constantly protected, you will need to make sure When Booting is selected. Using the initial configuration screen, you will also be able to manually stop or start the firewall (you could

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