Using the Calendar

The command M-x calendar displays a calendar in emacs. When the calendar is displayed, with a date highlighted, type p p to have that date translated into the Persian calendar. Type p i, and you will get the Islamic date; type p e for the Ethiopic date.

In a way, this sums up exactly what people both love and hate about emacs. It does everything, but as a consequence, it is very complex, and some would say bloated. If it all gets too much for you, you might try typing M-x doctor for a sympathetic chat or M-x tetris for a quiet game.

i- ■ i j If you have not used emacs before, don't be put off by the sections that follow: in t-c '2 ^ ^.■¿'CV-.w-j fact, don't even read them. Start playing with emacs and getting used to the most important keystroke combinations listed in the section ''Controlling emacs.'' It doesn't take long before these become second nature. You may come to prefer emacs to any other editor. That will also be the time when you feel the itch to make emacs work slightly differently; then come back and read the following sections.

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