Using unzip to Unarchive a Windows Network Driver

linux:~ # unzip Archive: inflating: RaLink2_RT2560.exe creating: Win2K/ inflating: Win2K/ inflating: Win2K/Rt2500.INF

inflating: Win2K/rt2500.sys creating: Win9xMe/

inflating: Win9xMe/Rt2500.INF

inflating: Win9xMe/rt25009x.sys creating: WinXP/

inflating: WinXP/ inflating: WinXP/Rt2500.INF

inflating: WinXP/rt2500.sys

5. After the driver archive has been unarchived, you need to install the driver under ndis-wrapper. If you want to support Wi-FI protected access (WPA), you will need to use the Windows XP version of the driver. To install the driver, you need to use ndiswrapper -i (install) as shown in Listing 15-18.

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