The Virtual File Allocation Table (VFAT) and New Technology File System (NTFS) are the Microsoft filesystems that are found in all modern versions of the Windows operating system. Support for the VFAT filesystem is quite stable in Linux and enables a user to mount and reliably read and write to VFAT filesystems, which is especially convenient if you are using a machine that can boot both Linux and Windows. SUSE Linux is usually quite good at finding a Windows installation and will create a mount point for your Windows filesystems so that you can access your files while running Linux. By default, support for NTFS by the driver in the kernel on SUSE systems is read-only. If you want read-write support for NTFS, a user-space driver called ntfs-3g (NTFS third generation driver) is included in openSUSE. Instructions for using that driver can be found in the documentation that it installs in /usr/share/doc/packages /ntfs-3 g/.

More information about this driver is available at www.ntfs-3g.org/.

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